International Hałda Jazz 2018 is coming soon!

We are taking Giant Steps to reach another bus stop on our jazz journey. It is going to be the 11th edition of the festival with its New Orleans roots. Although, we celebrated our Grand Jubilee last year, it is this year we are beginning another decade of the jazz event – the one and only in our region. Why has it become such a massive success in such a tiny location? It is chiefly because of the fact that Bogatynia is perfectly located. It is a connector of the three countries, namely Poland, Czech Republic and Germany. Thanks to its location jazz becomes a means of communication between the three countries.

The festival, however, would not have been possible if it had not been for the great support and brave decisions of the Local Authorities who have been staunch supporters of it in the Lower Silesia region for the past eleven years. Yet, the regularity of the event may also be attributed to the passion of many, as well as the devotion of its originator Mr. Krzysztof Witkowski, who was honoured with the Ministerial Medal of Culture and National Heritage: Valuable for the Polish Culture.

During the aforementioned 10 years, we have invited to Bogatynia many world-renowned musicians. It is a must to mention such personalities as Tomasz Stańko, Grażyna Auguścik and Paulino Garcia, Leszek Możdżer, or Piotr Wojtasik. We promote a different formula of the event every year hence, ofttimes, there appear various surrounding events such as jazz film marathons, education for youngsters, as well as street jazz popularization.

This years’ 11th edition will be opened by educating our youngest ones. The Little Jazz Academy focuses on the most important thing in child’s development. It is a pointer of how to be cultivating spontaneity, sensitizing children to the beauty flowing from the higher culture and helping them develop more sophisticated and various music tastes. As usual, we do count on the lively reactions of the adepts of The Little Academy in Bogatynia.

On that very same day, 22nd June, we will also begin a marvellous jazz journey. It needs to be pointed out here that this will be a “High C Start”. This is all thanks to Wojciech Pilichowski, who will perform with his band in Bogatynia. He is unquestionably one of the most prominent characters for every bass guitar fan worldwide. The artist has partaken in the recordings of nearly 200 albums sold in 6 million copies. He has published 6 solo projects exceeding the edition of 1000 copies. Proof of his extraordinary talent is imprinted in awarding him as many as 16 titles of The Best Bass Guitar Player in Poland as well as his participation in the most prominent festivals worldwide. In recent years, we have had an opportunity to listen to his revolutionary albums astonishing in their fusion approach to bond jazz and electro genres. His band in Bogatynia is manned with exquisite musicians such as Adrian Latosiewicz, Michał Trzpioła and Tomasz Machański who has been playing drums since he was three years old.

It will be the task of „The Sound Pack” to induce the loveliest musical dreams in us. The band is often called by Krzysztof Witkowski as “The Polish Manhattan Transfer” It was established by Marcin Wawrzynowicz who is accompanied by three wonderful female singers, the fact that always catches the eye of the audience. The Sound Packers are manned with the most talented musicians such as Katarzyna Mirowska, Joanna Świniarska and Małgorzata Biniek. The vocal quartet will be supported by the pianist – Bogusław Kaczmar.

For those wishing to experience even more, we have prepared a proposition for the night. It will be the concert of a young local bass player – Szymon Justyński, who will perform on stage of the International Hałda Jazz Festival. Jazzing at night will be then presented by Racz & Justyński Connection. It is an ideal fusion of the young generation musicians. The group is manned by Alan Racz, Albert Bezdziczek, Krzysztof Gumienny, Szymon Justyński and Paweł Nienadowski. They will have a special guest on stage _ Magdalena Janicka, who attended the 8th edition of “The Voice of Poland”. The artists promise to take us back in the 80’s and to import a contemporary sound into their music.

Although, many could be quite content already, we still have a second day of the concert sensations and those will be at least at the same high standard. Just after 19:00 the audience will be charmed by Klara Cloud & The Vultures. The band’s artistic approach is to bond acoustic jazz with the free genre speckled with the Polish folklore. Announced by the performers are some energetic melodies, great amount of brave improvisations and the stage ease of the artists. It will influence all guests at the festival without a shadow of a doubt.

During the concert we will have an occasion to witness two traditional songs which are to be delivering a brand new sound. The band is: Klara Zasempa – vocals, Bartosz Dworak – violin. He has been noted for his skills when awarded at the Jazz Contest Festivals in Tarnów as well as was the Grand Prix winner at the Jazz Juniors Festival. Another respectable performer of Klara & The Vultures is the pianist – Mateusz Gawęda. Nearly 28 years old, he has been already awarded the Best Pianist Prize at the 51st Jazz upon Odra Festival. Adam Tebel will play on double bass.

We would like to also introduce Mr. Piotr Budniak, who is a unique and versatile drummer. Despite his young age, ha has gained immense experience on stage. After a brief fling with Rock/Pop music and excellent performances with LemON, he is back to the roots in his many projects.

As clearly noticed, on the second day of the festival, we are to meet the musicians of the young generation, whom by all means, we can describe as already well-experienced and extremely talented.

And now, we are proud to present our frosting on the cake in this year’s edition of the festival. It is to be admitted that it will be a very special treat of beauty and talent all in one. The Sisters in Jazz is a project of four ladies. They had their debut in 2015 at the very prestigious Ystad Sweden Jazz Festival. The quartet is a musical combination of outstanding instrumentalists of different origins. The mix of their origins delivers an extremely powerful message which shares a common thread of improvisation. The final effect of fusing the sounds of America, Middle and Eastern Europe always fills the audience chairs to the very brink of each row in Germany, Morocco or Sweden. The group consists of the vocalist - April May Webb being the first woman graduated The William Peterson University in Jazz Education, winning the hearts of New York clubbers straight after as well as hitting the album top charts. On drums, Dorota Piotrowska who, during her education in Netherlands, took a brief gap and headed to the USA. It is there she completed her studies and then her cooperation with Bob Chilcott allowed her to perform at the Carnegie Hall. Simona Premazzi will play the piano. Although, she is Italian, her career started in the USA. She soon gained wide recognition for her unusual skill of improvisation and composition. Her solo albums have been hitting the top lists and were appreciated by the most famous brand magazines worldwide. Daria Chernkova has also found her way into the band ranks. She was taught by one of the most famous double bass players – Rust Gabdullin. She has had a chance to perform both with the well-renowned Russian artists and musician stars such as Celso Foncesa, Frank Colon or Gil Goldstein. Her greatest asset is the lack of limitations when it comes to various music genres and equally, composing her own ideas.

For the Grand Finale of the festival, we came up with the proposition of a Jam Session. It is to promote local musicians in Bogatynia and its vicinity. Those who we could see and hear play then will be, amongst others: Krzysztof Wermiński, Przemek Tracz, Szymon Mazowiecki, Kamil Bohdanowicz or Marek Trzciński. It is worth to mention that these are the artists living and working locally. It is them who initiate numerous attempts to make jazz music firmly represented within the region. Their repertoire will be created live, however we can rest assured that we will be very much surprised by their interesting improvisations.

As clearly seen, the lack of diverseness is not something we can be afraid of. There will be lots of musical and emotional journeys to many different parts of the world. There is no question about us putting every effort in making the 11th International Hałda Jazz Festival yet another great accomplishment. To make it happen, however, we need you, the audience willing to proactively partake and take as much attractions for yourselves as we hope you will.
Remember then that we start on 22nd June, 19:30. See you soon!